LPs & CDs

A range of LP sleeves, CD and tape covers for a variety of different musicians and record labels.

Cover illustration for Roedelius and Chaplin 'King Of Hearts' on Sub Rosa

CD cover for Sinners Crossroads', a compilation CD released by WFMU

LP & CD artwork for Message to Bears 'EP1' on Dead Pilot Records

LP artwork for Message to Bears 'Folding Leaves' on Dead Pilot Records

Collaboration with Jim Stoten for the Menagerie #3 LP released by my label Tor Press

LP & CD artwork for Cam Deas 'Quadtych', the cd packaging folds out into a 3 panel illustration. Released by Present Time Exercises

LP artwork for Moon Unit 'Hell Horse and Heady Stratus' on Blackest Rainbow Records

Tape artwork for Sophie Cooper 'Labyrinth' on Exotic Pylon

LP artwork for Black Twig Pickers & Charlie Parr 'Eastmont Syrup' on Thrill Jockey

Letterpressed CD sleeve for High Aura'd 'Third Life' on Reverb Worship

CD artwork for Child Bride 'Reflections On Prism City on Blackest Rainbow Records

LP artwork for Risil 'Non Meter Vol. 1' on Important Records

CD cover for Wander on Divine Frequencies


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